To measure the quality and quantity of LED light sources.
To measure the quality and quantity of LED light sources.

OCM-510 series

Spectrometer That Pushes the Measurement of Light Source Quality and Intensity to New Boundaries!


The OCM-510 Color Tester has an internal Czerny-Turner spectro- scope and along with providing both high-wavelength precision and high-wavelength resolution in a compact unit also employs a high-precision yet high-sensitivity line sensor in the detector to serve as a versatile spectrophotometric device for making optimal high-speed measurements.
Unit is also extremely easy to handle and setup since light is input to the spectrometer by light guide fibers.


  • Uniform diffusion type polychromator incorporates a compact & high-performance spectroscope and detector into a single unit.
  • OCM-510M: Makes high-performance spectrophotometric measurements by utilizing MOS line sensors.
  • OCM-510C: Capable of measuring extremely faint light by using electronically-cooled back-illuminated FFT-CCD (Sensitivity 100 times higher than MOS)
  • Shortest exposure time of 5ms (Ideal support for high-speed & high-luminance light input compared to OCM-310)
  • Amplifier gain after sensor readout is settable to 1X, 2X or 4X gain.
  • Light guide fibers simplify measurement tasks
  • External synch signal function supports pulsed light measurement
  • Models available with mechanical shutter (Standard feature on OCM-510M or C-SU)
  • Employs USB and LAN at interface for data exchange with PC
  • Spectrometer control & color processing function*1 (supports software run from PC)

*1 Software for spectrometer control and color processing also available separately. This color processing is run on the OCM-510 unit itself. Please contact us if you wish more information on this software.

Spectrometer characteristics

※Blaze-type holographic grating

Gratings that are blaze-processed by ion etching of diffraction gratings made by holographic exposure utilizing dual laser beam interference, are holographic gratings yet have diffraction efficiency equal to mechanical grooved gratings. Blaze type gratings also have the advantage of minimal stray light.

The OCM-510M and C are compact uniform diffusion type polychroma- tors that deliver high wavelength accuracy utilizing the Czerny-Turner method. The Czerny-Turner spectroscope includes an input slit, two concave mirrors, and a flat grating. In this device, a collimated light beam is input to the flat grating from one mirror, and the other concave mirror focuses the dispersed collimated light beam from the grating onto the photo diode array detector so that symmetrical placement of optical components versus the grating corrects aberrations, restoring the spectral image to a perpendicular state. This spectrometric method in this way improves the wavelength resolution.
A Blaze-type holographic grating* is used in the flat grating and serves to minimize periodic errors and ghosts to an extremely faint level.

Light trigger function

This function delivers high-speed, high-accuracy pulse measurement by using light trigger (synched pulsed light emission output) signal from the OCM-510 to illuminate an external light source.