Application of optical measurement to biological growth


UV measurement

Since there is no unified standard for sensors that measure ultraviolet light, an ultraviolet sensor irradiometer is generally used.
Since these illuminometers measure by integrating the UV-A, UB-B, and UV-C regions, they cannot accurately grasp and measure the light source information.

Therefore, in order to accurately grasp the light environment irradiated with ultraviolet rays, it is necessary to measure the amount of energy (spectrum) for each wavelength using a spectroradiometer.

We not only accurately grasp the light environment, but also measure the risk of light to the human body * 1.
In particular, ultraviolet light is not only effective for the human body, but also a risky light source.

Such special and functional light sources may cause injury to the human body if the risks are not understood and handled properly.

※1:Photobiological safety assessment system
2016-18,Jointly developed product with National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
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